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We strive to sustainably decentralize the Cardano ecosystem

GranADA is a truly decentralized stake pool running on private bare-metal servers. Our computers are hosted in Switzerland and powered with renewable energy. We supported the Cardano Forest and we currently donate 25% of our pool rewards to the CNC Ala project to compensate the carbon footprint of the Cardano network. We also contribute every month to the WFP to help families in need living in countries with humanitarian crisis. Let's support sustainability together! ❤️


Why staking with GranADA?


0% fees

We want to offer the fairest staking conditions to our delegators. Specially for those who come from Latin America.


Our software engineer made sure that the best cybersecurity practices were implemented on our servers: SSH, 2FA, firewalls, port blocking, IP banning, etc.


GranADA Staking Pool is powered with renewable energy (solar and hydroelectric). We contribute monthly to the WFP to fight world hunger and we donate 25% of our rewards to plant trees for the CNC Ala project.

GranADA is an active member of the Climate Neutral Cardano Group. Discover more about what we are doing to reduce the carbon footprint of the Cardano ecosystem.


Our Hardware

GranADA currently has 1 block producer and 1 relay running on private servers hosted in Zurich, Switzerland. Our pool has also a backup relay hosted on private data center in Germany for more security and stability. We use ASUS PN40 mini PCs, which consume as little as 6.4W at idle.







1GB ↑↓


How can you stake your ADA?



Get an official crypto wallet

In order to do staking, you just need to have an official Cardano wallet that supports the Shelley fork with as little as 3. Once you create a wallet and safely store the given memonic (private keys recovery), copy your ADA address and use it to withdraw your coins from your exchange account. We recommend wallets like Yoroi, AdaLite and Atomic Wallet.



Search for our staking pool

Once your ADA is in your private wallet, you have everything you need to stake them. Yoroi and AdaLite offer a staking pool browser where you can find any pool on the Cardano mainnet using a name, ticker or pool ID. However, on Atomic Wallet, you will have to give in this info manually.


Stake and earn rewards

Finally, you have to confirm the delegation and pay a one-time fee of 2₳ (+ transaction fee) to the Cardano network for registering your staking address to a staking pool. After 20 days, your wallet will start producing staking rewards every 5 days depending on how many blocks are being minted by GranADA.


Staking information

Staking Pool ID







Meet our gran team


Vito Melchionna

Software Engineer

and Founder


Carolina Isler

Community Manager


Gian Melchionna

Marketing consultant


Our performance






Live Stake




Active Stake



ROA (annual)


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the risks of staking?

Staking is 100% secure. Your ADA are always safe and available in your wallet in case that you want to trade them. Your assets and identity are protected and managed only by you.

How can I buy ADA?

Some wallets allow you to buy crypto currencies using a credit card. However, one of the best ways is to open an account on a crypto exchange like Kraken, BitPanda or CoinBase and buy your ADA there. You can then send your tokens from your account to your private wallet.

How does the rewards system work?

You can count with rewards close to 5% of your delegated balance (annually). Once you delegate your wallet in staking, you will receive your first rewards after 20 days. Then every 5 days depending on how many transaction blocks are validated on the network.

Can I decide how much ADA I can stake from my wallet?

In the Cardano blockchain, your whole wallet will be delegated to a staking pool. Therefore, all the tokens registered to the wallet will be in staking. Your tokens will always be available in case that you want to trade them.

How can I claim my staking rewards?

On the UI of your Cardano wallet there's a buttom that lets you claim your rewards. All generated rewards will be automatically in staking as long as they are on your wallet. The same applies to the ADA that has been recently received.

When do I receive my rewards?

If 20 days have already passed since your delegation registration with GranADA, you just have to wait for transaction blocks to be validated. Small pools often generate more rewards than big pools, but less frequently. So be confident, the rewards are guaranteed by the protocol.

Our location

Contact us

Whether for technical support regarding staking, or for any questions, we are here for you!

Thank you for writing us! We will get back to you as soon as possible

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